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Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing can be termed as a process of digitally signing the executables and scripts so as to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has been altered or corrupted since it was signed by the use of a cryptographic hash. Every code signing provides a digital signature mechanism to verify the identity of author or build system along with a checksum to verify that the object has not been modified.

In the distributed environments Code Signing proves to be particularly valuable by which the source of a given piece of code may not be immediately evident. It also safely provides updates and patches to existing software.

Hence this assures that the possibility of malicious distribution of the code via patch system can be reduced to an extent.Code signing is widely used to protect software that is distributed over the Internet. Code signing does not alter it; it simply appends a digital signature to the executable code itself.

Use digital signatures when you want to distribute data, and you want to assure recipients that it does indeed come from you. This digital signature provides enough information to authenticate the signer as well as to ensure that a code is not been subsequently modified.

Code signing digital IDs (or certificates) allow content publishers including software developers to sign their content that includes software objects, macros, device drivers, firmware images, virus updates, configuration files or other types of content for secure delivery over the Internet.

List of Code Signing Certificates

Products Issuance Site Seal
Symantec Code-Signing Certificate 2-3 Days N/A
Thawte Code-Signing Certificates 2-3 Days N/A
Comodo Code Signing Certificates within 1 Hr Dynamic