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Trustwave Premium EV SSL

Trustwave Premium EV SSL Certificates are validated to the highest degree to provide consumer confidence in the identity of the web site operator. If you are taking orders online, you need to get the green address bar with EV SSL. Customers will receive the green address bar as a striking trust indicator in the web browser, and you will see fewer abandoned shopping carts and more conversions.

EV SSL certificates are at the forefront of a new online security initiative. EV certificates enable secure connections, establish business identities, and assist in preventing fraud through a rigorous set of checks and validations previously unmatched with regular SSL certificate processes. The Trustwave Premium Extended Validation SSL Certificate features 256-Bit encryption, and includes a $250,000 identification guarantee as well as free re-issues for the life of the SSL certificate.

A Green Address Bar Of Security
Quite simply, your customer’s online purchasing confidence is our highest priority. With Extended Validation SSL certificates, customers will now be able to easily distinguish between DV (Domain validated, instant issue) SSL certificates and Extended Validation SSL certificates. As shown below, IE7, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers incorporate a new feature which turns a browser address bar green if a valid EV SSL certificate is present. Now even non tech-savvy web surfers will easily be able to assess which sites they can trust.

Free Reissues For Life
Trustwave offers you free SSL certificate reissues for any reason. Did your server crash and you lost your private key? Simply login to the Trustwave SSL Control Center and you can quickly reissue your SSL certificate so you’re back in business with minimal downtime.

EV SSL Benefits

  • Comprehensive site owner identity verification.
  • The most rigorous validation process that verifies the entity exists both legally and physically.
  • Verification of the site owner’s physical address.
  • Verification that the SSL certificate bearer has the right to use the domain name.
  • Your customer’s browser will clearly display your organization’s contact information.
  • Your customer’s browser will display Trustwave as the issuer of the EV SSL Certificate.
  • Your customer’s browser address bar will turn Green when they visit your site that is using an EV SSL Certificate, which will tell them that you’re validated and trustworthy.
  • You will get the Trustwave Trusted Commerce Site Seal which will send further trust indicators to your customers by allowing them to see your verified identity information and PCI Compliance status (if you have enrolled in the program as well).

Features and Benefits

  • $250,000 Warranty
  • Free lifetime reissuance
  • 100% Trusted Root Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Good for Shopping Carts
  • Free Trusted Commerce Site Seal
  • Your organizations name appears in the certificate
  • Not a low assurance instant issued certificate